Strong PVC keychains

Key rings are very important objects in our lives. They help us to keep our keys tidy and in one place, to have them ready and prepared whenever it is time to use them.

The structure of a key ring basically consists of a metal ring that serves to place the keys. As a solution to locate and distinguish these elements, key rings were created. These are eye-catching objects which, because they are attached to the keys, make it easier to find them. This is because they are small elements.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of models of key rings with designs for every situation, need or public. Many businesses and companies, to promote their brands, use accessories of this type to make themselves known. Moreover, people are attracted to them because of their elegance and showiness, which makes them fascinating objects for both children and adults.

One of the models that the public usually likes the most is those made of strong enamel. So, if you want to acquire a key ring and you are not decided which type you want, we will immediately give you the details that make these key rings, one of the best options you can get.

    Who does not know what a key ring is?

    Well, it is an object that forms an essential part of our daily lives and without it, daily tasks would be a complete disaster. A key ring is an accessory that can be used to carry a key, or to keep a set of these together. In general, it is one of the most important things we usually carry with us, as it holds the keys to the locks of homes, workplaces, cars, etc.

    As time goes by, we acquire more commitments, and many times those, responsibilities, are represented in a greater number of keys. That is why the need for a key ring becomes essential to keep all our keys safe. There are all kinds of key rings, from metal to plastic, including 3D and strong PVC ones.

    A key ring can be described as an access with a metal ring, in which you can to place a certain number of keys. This allows you to maintain better control over these. To have loose or independent keys is a chaos, this because they are objects of little size, which end up getting lost relatively easily.

    In addition, a key ring avoids suffering from this type of inconvenience, as the eye-catching models
    and eye-catching that many of them have, makes it convenient to locate all the keys that we have attached to it.

    If you are thinking of buying a key ring but do not know which model to buy, the PVC models strong are one of the best options you will find. So if you are interested, you can we advise you to continue reading the following post where you will find out everything about this type of key rings, and why you should buy one of them.

    What are strong PVC key rings?

    In the world of plastic key rings, the most common are those made of PVC material, and within this style of key rings, we find those made of strong or hard PVC.

    The strong PVC key rings are distinguished by their resistance and flexibility to pressure and high temperatures. Therefore, they are a perfect model for those who need to have a plastic that is resistant and of very high quality.

    In addition, they are excellent for promotional uses by companies and businesses that want to make your brand known. Also, this type of key ring is in great demand in the sports teams and town halls, who wish to increase their popularity and who find in this type of accessory, the ideal opportunity.

    They have the advantage that they are designed in all kinds of colours and that makes them very colourful and
    striking. On the other hand, the material they are made of gives them an incredible durability and resistance against liquids and the passage of time. Thanks to their lightness they do not tend to surfaces, making them the preferred choice for those who need a key ring to attach the keys to your car or motorbike.

    Finishing of the key rings with strong enamel

    The strong enamel key rings are the highest quality type found on the market. Because of their perfectly cared for finish and the resistance of the materials they are made of, they have a long period of durability.

    Many of the enamel key rings have a metal coating and are hand painted, which makes them the perfect option for those who are looking for customised models.

    Also, it makes them very attractive for those who like to collect key rings from different parts that they visit.

    They are ideal for any design to be printed on them. Well, it shines with great attraction and capture the attention of everyone who appreciates it. If you wish to commemorate an event or occurrence Important, a personalised key ring with strong enamel will undoubtedly be your best option.

    The finish of these key rings consists of a glossy enamel on its surface, which makes it completely flat and smooth to the touch. This causes the metal areas to be at the same level as the painted areas.

    They are the most commonly used for promotional campaigns when you want them to have a relevant impact, as key rings with a strong enamel hardly go unnoticed.

    Among the main uses that can be given to these key rings, besides keeping your keys safe and secure, is that as we have already mentioned, they are spectacular for to promote the image of a corporation, to organize big events and fairs, as a tribute and for recognition, or for professional collecting.

    How are they made?

    The manufacturing process of a strong PVC key ring is very similar to those made in enamel. These are created from a mould that is made up of a certain number of layers, which are responsible for bringing the designs to life. Only in this particular case, liquid PVC resin is used as the base material.

    This resin can be of different colours to help bring the key ring design to life. Then The liquid PVC is then placed in the mould and taken to an oven which is kept at a constant temperature of 60 degrees.

    Once the PVC has cooled down, the next step is to remove it from the mould to make a new key ring. It is certainly a relatively simple procedure compared to other key ring manufacturing. But which also gives incredibly dazzling results.

    In principle, the production of such a key ring begins in the same way as with metal key rings.
    What sets them apart from the rest is the final process, where the enamel stamping takes place.

    For this type of key ring in particular, we usually use powdered glass enamel, which results in a spectacular shiny finish. The hollow areas of the key ring are filled with enamel, and then taken to a high temperature oven, which makes everything is joined as one piece. After the key ring is removed from the oven and has hardened,
    goes on to the next process which consists of polishing the pieces to give them their characteristic smooth finish.


    Characteristics of the strong PVC key rings

    The strong PVC key rings have unique features that make them stand out from other models.
    Among the most interesting features that stand out are

    • Its design is made up of different numbers of layers.
    • They are very flexible and lightweight, so they are comfortable to wear in trouser pockets.
    • They have eye-catching and very innovative designs.
    • They have a great durability and are very resistant, so being exposed to water does not
      will deteriorate them.
    • They have a pleasant rubbery feel to the touch that does not scratch surfaces.

    If you want to take a look at the wide catalogue of strong PVC key rings we have, we invite you to see all the models we have in stock. The quality of our key rings is one of the best, and we have the most competitive prices in the whole market.

    Let’s see below, what are the most striking features that make the key rings of and are the most requested option by companies and consumers who are looking for custom designs.

    This is the highest quality type of key ring you can get in the whole market.

    Its finished work makes its surface harder and more resistant than any other type of key ring.

    • They are the most sought after by people who are dedicated to or like to collect key rings.
    • The materials they are made of are of the highest quality, which makes
      have a higher price than other types of key rings. But, this also causes them to be
      more resistant and long lasting accessories.
    • They have a shiny look, and their final finish gives them a softness to the touch that no
      another type of key ring can be matched.
    • They are available in a variety of designs with all kinds of colours.

    Enter our extensive key ring catalogue now, and take a look at all the key rings from strong enamel we have available. These have been manufactured with very resistant and of the highest quality. No need to worry about the cost, as we have the best prices the most economical in the whole market.