A key ring is an essential accessory for the development of our daily tasks. The function of these, is to keep all the keys we use daily tidy and in a single place, so that they are always at hand when it is time to use them.

A key ring is an object made up of a metal ring on which the keys are placed. With a base in this function, key rings emerged as an alternative to identify and distinguish keys wherever they are.

There are various models of key rings that are adapted to all types of public or needs, as there are special designs for both children and young people, as well as for adults.

There are also companies that use key rings to promote their brands, this being a market where these objects find a great welcome.

One of the types of key rings that most attracts the public are those made from PVC soft. Well, their reliefs, colours and flexibility, make them very striking and practical to carry anywhere.

If you’re trying to get a key ring, but can’t decide what kind you want, then we will provide you with all the details that make the key rings made of soft PVC, a of the best and most economical models you can get.

What are soft PVC key rings?

A key ring can be made from a wide variety of materials, and one of them is plastic. Within this branch we have two types: those made of strong and soft PVC.

The soft PVC key rings stand out for their malleability and resistance, with the difference of which are slightly lower and cheaper than strong PVC.

They are ideal key rings for large quantity production. Also, they are suitable for children’s promotions, as their colours, designs and flexibility make them very attractive for this type of audience.

Like most key rings, those made of soft PVC have a part where

The keys are ringed and attached to the body of the key ring by means of a metal chain.

The material from which they are made, allows us to achieve an infinite number of designs in different colours,
and also gives them durability and resistance to both water and the passage of time.

As for the uses that this type of key ring can have, we have that they are spectacular to wear corporate and business logos, cartoons and fiction, to represent animals and characters, such as tourism and sport, or even to promote fun, colourful campaigns.

How are they made?

Polyvinyl chloride is used as the raw material to manufacture this type of key ring, better known as PVC. Which is the product of chloride monomer polymerisation, and which results in a more versatile plastic.

For its elaboration, moulds with different layers are created, where the different forms are carved that will give the final design to the key ring. Once the mould has been prepared, the key ring is placed the liquid PVC inside them, and then taken to an oven that is kept at a temperature of 60 degrees.

After the PVC has cooled, the key rings are removed from the mould to repeat the manufacturing process. This material is characterized by its ductility and resistance, and also has the advantage of being easily molded by means of microinjection, which lowers the production costs.

Characteristics of soft PVC key rings

Soft PVC key rings have certain characteristics that make them different from other key rings. Among the most attractive qualities of these models are

  • They are very colourful, flexible and light so they do not increase the weight of the keys, and being
    Soft, they hardly get damaged inside the pockets.
  • Their manufacturing processes ensure that the final product has a long life and makes them very resistant.
  • The soft PVC key rings can have any shape, and their different levels of
  • They have a greater depth and look better.
  • They have a soft and pleasant texture that does not scratch the surfaces.
  • You can find them in a wide variety of colours, which makes them quite striking.

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