Soft-enamel key chains are a great way to give your accessories a extra touch of attention among the rest of your garments. Besides that, they work as a safety pin, since they allow you to find your keys immediately thanks to their showiness and designs.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the soft enamel key rings. Then, read on and you will find all the information you need to know how they are made, their characteristics and how you can personalize them with the tastes you prefer.

What are the Soft Enamel key rings?

More than a simple key ring, the metal soft enamel key rings are the fundamental accessory you were looking for to give a personal touch to your keys, since they are made of The finest and most prominent metal you will find in such durable and lightweight pieces as these.

These soft enamel key rings are designed to stand out very boldly. The The brightness of their colours makes them totally attractive, and the clean and neat finish of their The exterior gives it that original smoothness.

    Characteristics of the soft enamel key rings

    Metal key rings may seem very common, but the opposite is true for the soft enamel key rings. These have very unique characteristics and different to the rest of the key rings made of the same material. These have the following aspects:

    Unique colour enamel: acrylic enamels, or matt enamels, vintage colours, or colours a little stronger like the phosphorescent ones.

    Different textures: corrugated, mottled, smooth and polished reliefs.

    Special baths made of liquid materials in metallic tones such as bronze, gold and silver to match the final design.
    Its value is also an essential characteristic of this type of key ring, as it is usually very economical and easy to customize.

    Its manufacture is fast and almost standard, the delivery of the final product is immediate.

    They are made of quality materials, so they can last for a long time and still form, of unique properties.

    How are they made?

    The manufacture of these soft enamel keyrings, is given from the choice of ideal materials, as they are: a light and quality metal, enamel of lasting colours and glossy to give an impeccable finish.

    The manufacture of these amazing enamel key rings is as follows

    • First, a sheet of metal must be cut to the size selected by the customer.
    • After this, the pre-cut sheet is placed in a specialised metal bath, to give it a golden or silver metallic shade.
    • On the other hand, the logo or design of the key ring to be printed is made.
    • Then, this design is immediately placed on the metal sheet, already cut and metalized.
    • When it cools down, you will see the different reliefs that the original design offers to the key ring. It is i.e. the key ring will have neatly smooth and metallic protrusions,
    • while the deeper areas will be corrugated, as this allows for better adhesion of the enamel to the material.
    • To finish the process, the corrugated and edged spaces of the enamel are filled
      soft, this with the range of pre-set colours.

    These processes seem somewhat long and cumbersome, but in reality, their manufacture is very fast. That is why the delivery of these orders is done almost instantly when they are designs unique and retail orders.

    How can I customize my own Soft Enamel key ring

    In general, before making a soft-enamel key ring, it should be agreed with the manufacturers the following terms, as they are:

    Determine the material to be implemented, if a light metal is required for a key ring minimalist and small or otherwise, if a heavier material is required for key rings more attractive at sight.

    Then, you must choose the tone of the piece. That is to say, the metallic bath with which our key ring will count, they can be finished in silver, gold or even bronze.

    Digitalize the logo, brand or design that will take the base of our key ring.
    Choose the range of colours to be implemented and the textures that will remain in metal.

    Design and personalize your own soft enamel key ring with us

    Personalize with us your key ring of soft enamel ideal for your tastes, remember that when the metallic textures are combined with the coloured glazes, products are delivered greater value.

    No more key rings that break or have no special meaning for you. Create with we a gift with a part of your memories.

    If you are a businessman and want to make your brand known, this is the best way to do it,
    we offer you the quality and confidence that can only be found in our industry.