Printed key rings are the new trend in today’s market. Besides that, these are the newest metal printing jobs, as this technique guarantees an image of very high quality and with a whole range of colours, counting with more than 300 shades in total, obtaining Thus, a product with an incredible and original finish.

On the other hand, with a printed key ring the opportunities for people to get to know a company, brand or simply highlight your tastes in these accessories, are many. Therefore, if If you want to know everything about printed key rings, just read on and you will see the great that they are. Don’t miss out!

What are printed key rings?

These are metal pieces on which a specific type of printing can be carried out, the which brings a complete uniqueness to these key rings. It makes them look perfectly printed, with the desired colours to perfection and with an external shine that gives them an oval appearance on the outside.

These amazing key rings are the best advertising tool available on the market today.

This is because their low cost makes them in high demand by companies who wish to invest little in gifts as part of their advertising, all while retaining the quality and trust that your brand seeks to convey.

How are the printed key rings made?

The manufacture of these printed key rings is very simple. However, to make them requires the best and most trained team. Besides that, having the best category and durability materials, special instruments are also required for their elaboration,
thus guaranteeing an unprecedented product.

On the other hand, to learn more about the manufacture of these amazing accessories, you can Below we show you the aspects that are taken into account at the time of its creation,

these are:

  • Digitalization of the design, it is a matter of adapting the image offered by the client by means of a digital tool that allows to adjust the quality of the image and its proportion.
  • To start, a sheet of metal is cut from the size, material and shape previously selected by the client for its design.
  • The metal figure is then bathed in metallic paints in copper, silver or Gilding to give greater purity to the metal.
  • The design is then printed directly onto the dry material.
  • After the paint has cooled, a transparent synthetic filler is placed over the print, in order to give a 3D effect to the image and make it look thicker externally.
  • To give the final touch, the metallic edges are cleaned and polished, any imperfection and is corrected.
  • Of course, it is also possible to attach a ring and a chain to our Key ring already finished.

Thus obtaining a key ring printed completely in the style of the client, following step by step his
specifications, without forgetting to guide him in each of his choices to achieve together the
Key ring desired and ideal for him.

Characteristics of the printed key rings

While each personalized key ring is unique, all carry certain characteristics that make them similar, as are the materials available for their production,

Here we will mention a couple of them:

Very profitable cost/value ratio. Well, the final value of these incredible key rings is inversely proportional to their cost, they are very economical and accessible!

These printed key rings can be 100% personalised. Our customers are the design of their key rings, as our team only guides them in the on the way to the final production of these.

They are made with special materials to guarantee their permanence in time. They count with pastel, vintage, citrus, matt and enamel colours.

Making these printed key rings is very quick, although it deserves an experience in its elaboration, its creative process is very easy to carry out, since they are techniques very well learned and applied by our workers.

The practicality offered by printing on metal, unlike traditional key rings of soft enamel, is that through printing you can select any type of image you want to place, without worrying about what the final result will be.

Design your own printed key ring with us

If you are looking for creativity and quality in the manufacturing process of your own printed key rings, our workers are fully qualified to meet your every demand. Well, skilled work is our motto.

If you are a person looking to make your brand known, congratulations, since you are in the right place. Use these amazing printed key rings to display your own brand logo or company. In addition, it should be noted that their value makes them very accessible and they turn out to be a gift very elegant anywhere.

Don’t think about it anymore! Ask for our help, ask for your budget and our team will accompany you and
will guide you at every step. We suggest you see our product catalogue, we are an industry that offers the highest quality and reliability in the delivery of each of our accessories for customize.