Most people know what it is and understand the importance of key fobs in their lives, such as keeping all their keys safe and together. With every passing day we are acquiring more responsibilities, and that in many opportunities makes us in charge of a greater number of keys. A commitment that, therefore, makes us have to resort to more key rings.

A key ring is made up of a metal ring in which we can embed all our keys, this is what allows us to have greater control over them. Keys are usually small objects, and this is what makes them easy to lose. This is when a key ring becomes an indispensable tool, which can save us several headaches.

Nowadays, there is a great variety of designs and models that are distinguished by being elegant and
very striking. As is the case with 3D key rings. One of the most popular key ring models in recent years. If you are interested in knowing everything about this type of accessory, what they are and how they are made, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What are 3D key rings?

3D key rings, like any other type of key ring, have the main function of carrying one or more keys. Apart from this function, they have the virtue of being a spectacular gift for any occasion. Also, they are an excellent complement as a clothing accessory, and make your keys stand out from the rest of the people.

These key rings have a level of design and depth that no other type of model can match. This virtue is largely due to their manufacturing process, as these key rings do not have a finished surface with high or low reliefs, as is usually the case with standard key rings.

For the manufacture of this type of key ring, completely different techniques are used which provide them with curves and contours that can only be achieved through a complex process of elaboration, which give them spectacular three-dimensional designs.

They are a great option if you are looking for a key ring model with a higher level of detail than those that are simpler. If you are worried about their designs, you can find them of all kinds, as there are animals, buildings, logos, people, etc. No matter how subtle or showy the sketch of the 3D key rings are, they will always look fantastic anywhere.

How are they made?

Keyrings with three-dimensional or 3D designs require a completely different process compared to the simpler ones or also known as 2D. In which, their design is stamped thanks to the use of a metal sheet.

In the case of the 3D key rings, their manufacturing process requires the casting of material to high temperatures and pressure. This is then placed in a rubber mold, which previously has the design that will have the key ring.

It is precisely this manufacturing process that allows these key chains to have a three-dimensional effect with a very surprising level of detail. The same process also allows for a better surface on the key ring, giving it a cleaner and softer finish that makes it as similar as possible to the original design.

It should be noted that this whole process of manufacturing 3D key rings is more extensive than one for
to make traditional or 2D key rings. This is because the complicated detailing and moulding work required for three-dimensional key rings, deserves more time in terms of effort and dedication.

But all this detailing work pays off, as 3D key chains stand out for having different levels of curvature, which make them look like identical, miniature replicas of the original model.

Characteristics of the 3D key rings

This type of key ring has a series of characteristics that make it stand out among the immense number of models and designs that key rings can have. Among the most striking features that we can highlight are

  • They have a sufficiently striking look, to stand out among the things you can carry in your bag or wallet.
  • They have a quite spectacular level of detail and are also very soft to the touch.
  • You can get them in different models, so you can find them from the simplest and classics, even more elegant and with more extravagant designs.
  • As they have the advantage of being made from a single material, they are not usually damaged
    so easily.
  • Their visual appearance gives them a greater sense of depth.

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